The first goal of therapy…

is to establish a safe, accepting, nonjudgmental, and genuine therapeutic relationship. When you feel emotionally safe, you are free to explore, gain access to, process, and integrate unresolved losses, complexes, painful memories, and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

Finding the right therapist for you is the key. It is a very personal process, not a one size fits all. At Crossroads we have five caring and dedicated therapists committed to addressing your specific needs and challenges.

Patti Doumany
Patti Doumany Owner
Leah Bowen
Leah Bowen
Rachel Wright
Rachel Wright
Angela Shokouhi
Angela Shokouhi
Karen Crow
Karen Crow

Please give us a call. We look forward to answering your questions, learning more about you, and working together to reach your greatest potential.

Latest Articles

Children and Grief: 5th in a 7 Part Series

THOUGHTFUL PARENTING CHILDREN AND GRIEF: 5th in a 7 PART SERIES By: Patti Doumany, MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S Many children will experience the loss of someone they care about. Although grief is a natural part of living, few adults in our society are prepared or knowledgeable in how to support bereaved children. Facilitating healthy mourning can… [more]

Children and Grief: Part 4 of 7

THOUGHTFUL PARENTING CHILDREN AND GRIEF: 4th in a 7 PART SERIES By: Patti Doumany, MEd, LPC-S, RPT-S There are many circumstances influencing a child’s unique response to the death of a loved one. The nature of the death, the child’s attachment to the deceased, the availability of a consistent support system, the child’s perception of… [more]

Upcoming Events

Dream Group

In this 16-week group, we will create a sacred space to hold and honor our dreams, learning to work with them in ways that bring us new insights and strengthen our connection to our Self. Wednesdays 10am – 12-pm. $25 per session, 16-week commitment.


Filial Class

This 10-week group class will help you to communicate more effectively with your child and better understand your child’s behaviors and needs. Thursdays 6:30 – 8pm. $45 per session, 10-week commitment.


We offer…

  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Couples Counseling
  • Play Therapy
  • Sand Tray Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Grief Counseling
  • Filial Classes
  • Parenting Classes
  • Pre-marital Counseling

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